Qianlizhui - International Logistics Query SH011

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Qianlizhui - International Logistics query

Platform introduction:

Qianlizhui is a completely free logistics / Express / e-commerce waybill tracking platform. Founded in 2016, it is subordinate to Shenzhen Golden ant Technology Co., Ltd. and is committed to the public, free and convenient waybill information tracking service.

Interpretation of qianlizhui brand name:

In ancient China, Qianli refers to a long way, and Qianli pursuit means a long way goods logistics information tracking.

Main functions of the platform:

The platform has a collection of hundreds of commonly used logistics / express enterprise interfaces, including domestic, foreign, global postal and e-commerce brand queries, and the interface is not perfect and upgrading.

In September 2017, according to the actual needs of the public, we launched the network information of some enterprises.