Dreamnet Cloud Broadcast YY005

2019-06-10 10:52:43 297

Dreamnet cloud broadcast, video live service provider

Through dreamnet cloud broadcast, you can:

[one click launch]

-Launch live broadcast with one key, and support diversified configuration of live broadcast interface;

[wide compatibility]

-Compatible with all mainstream shooting devices, support all mainstream viewing modes;

[warm tips]

-Warm reminder of the start of live broadcast, so that you do not miss any key live broadcast;

[way of participation]

-Rich ways to participate in live broadcasting: open, encrypted and paid;

[live interaction]

-Rich live interaction: beauty effect, traffic red packet, personalized reward, gift effect, color bullet screen;

[live broadcast supervision]

-Comprehensively supervise live broadcast, chat and other content, and provide a healthy and positive energy live environment.