QianLiao YY008

2019-06-10 10:52:43 342

「QianLiao」Always put your learning experience in the first place of lifelong learning service platform. Through live broadcast, you can directly find experts, teachers and talents in any field.

To help you learn the essence of knowledge, to provide you with quality practical courses, to accompany you to meet a better self.

We want to present the most useful knowledge to you in a time-saving and easy to understand way.

The most important thing is: we don't create false anxiety, we only solve it for you.

[the top-quality courses teach you to master a subject] stars such as Li Yinhe, AI Cheng, Liu Yuanyuan, Yu Sheng and so on come in exclusively to teach you to master a subject systematically and solve practical problems in work and life.

The course covers 22 categories, converging 200 thousand, 10000 of the best content of each category, and 1000 of the various theme high quality live rooms.

[Course news, real-time tracking] follow up the news of the live broadcast room you are concerned about in real time, keep close contact with the lecturer, and receive new knowledge and experience at the front line,

[a more suitable way for modern people to learn] on the way to work, at rest, before going to bed, on the subway, on the bus, on the toilet, you can listen to books and books at any time, and get knowledge and company.