Quick Decision TH002

2019-06-10 10:52:43 308

What will you do when you encounter problems in your work and don't know how to solve them?

Online search, in the mass of information slowly search?

Send a circle of friends and get a lot of praise and comments?

Ask questions on the Internet, wait for some big bull to be interested in your questions, or be filled with water by netizens?

Study on your own and wait patiently for experts to talk about what you care about?


Back to the beginning, when you encounter more complex problems and want to get professional and reliable, or even customized solutions, what should you do?

[quick decision] came into being. Deeply solve all problems encountered in a "product life cycle", including:

Orientation: e-commerce, o2o, social networking, search, game, media, communication, video, Internet +, Internet finance, sharing economy, online education, online tourism, mobile medical, enterprise service, automobile service, real estate service, C2C, B2C, B2B

Products: product prototype, UI / web design, interactive design

App development: IOS, Android, mobile payment, mobile IM

WeChat development: official account and WeChat website

Web / software development: Web site, enterprise software ERP, OA system, CRM, 3D virtual reality, CMS system

Smart Hardware: Internet of things, smart TV, smart car, smart toy, robot, wearable, virtual reality, flight aerial photography, entertainment video, home life, medical health, watch bracelet, travel positioning, home security, other hardware

Technology realization: technology management, background development, system architecture, system operation and maintenance, big data, cloud computing, cloud service, testing, information security, server development

Operation: user operation, community operation, APP operation, new media operation, website operation

Marketing: Brand PR, channel expansion, event planning, media planning, new media marketing, fan marketing, sales service

Investment and financing: production of BP, angel investment, VC / PE, new third board / IPO

Others: legal, financial, human resources

This is an app that helps you make quick decisions and solve problems. You can find many experienced experts here. Through the quick one-to-one phone service, let them answer questions, give advice or solve problems for you.