New Media House XW002

2019-06-10 10:52:43 308

Million big coffee online, industry information, promotion of dry goods, human resources, case courses, all for you!

1. theme circles: shaking circle, tiktok, new media operation group, promoting the exchange circle... And millions of friends make complaints about the industry, and share their work experience with like-minded partners.

2. Sharing of big coffee: face the big coffee directly, explain the special topic, answer questions and solve doubts. Share online, improve skills, salon offline, gather people.

3. Industry information: articles written by tycoons, shared by friends, recommended daily in different fields and styles. Operation, marketing, copywriting, products, information and other dry goods are waiting for your collection.

4. Resource transaction: exchange resources, find contacts, find resources, you have or you want, easy docking.


Whether it's new media, e-commerce, or Internet Marketing There are everything you want, resources you want, dry goods you want to collect, industry information you should know, in-depth case study There are many beautiful or handsome circle friends!

All year round, 24-hour online, whether it's feedback or pleasure, waiting for you to flirt: