Manly Effort Photoshop PS001

2019-06-10 10:52:43 506

Manly Effort Photoshop - professional men's muscle P-map

Manly, a professional drawing repair software designed for men,

Simple operation, rich content, realistic effect let your man value burst in an instant!

Use the latest body scanning function to experience the highest quality editing effect,

The muscular, sexy and charming figure makes you more dazzling!

Download quickly to create your own charming charm and help you become a trendy man!

-------"Big transformation"-------

[P-map of muscle]

Want your chest full and tight?

Want abdominal mass separation?

Let manly realize your dream body!

Hundreds of chest and abdominal muscle materials make your body look like a fitness expert,

Change the position at will, and the angle can be easily adjusted to dominate your circle of friends!

[free stretching]

Don't envy other people's models,

Just a simple pull, where you want to grow where long.

Natural stretching moment straight posture, handsome from the beginning to the end!

[change skin color]

No matter the healthy and sexy wheat skin,

It's also very attractive bronze skin.

All of these can be achieved! Let you beautiful black do not need to bask in the sun, skin color optional.