KickCourse AL014

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[Multi Branch Management]

School class classroom multi-layer structure

Four types of role users: institution administrator, teacher, student and parent

[Intelligent Scheduling]

One course can match multiple price packages

Flexible setting of regular large courses + exclusive small courses, which can be paid by month or number of hours

Students with different price packages in the same course can have mixed classes, and the system will automatically deduct fees

Temporary course adjustment plus course reset time, students' curriculum update synchronously

[Classroom Management]

Attendance management: attendance / leave / absence / late

Students' classroom performance evaluation, five-star scoring method, simple and intuitive

Home school interaction, institution teacher student parent information exchange

[Sales System]

Course sales / teaching accessories independent mall / venue reservation

Course display - online purchase - automatic and synchronous generation of student curriculum

Points, lottery, gift exchange, discount and other auxiliary marketing tools

[Auxiliary Financial Management]

Course sales, teaching aids sales data

Teacher's class hours statistics, class pay settlement

Daily revenue and expenditure management

[File Management]

Student information, course purchase record, past course and remaining course record, course performance evaluation

Tutor information, students taught and teaching records

[Official Information]

Official website information column

Show the students' demeanor and actively promote the parents