Flower Gathering AL024

2019-06-10 10:52:43 722

Flower Gathering


Huaju is a mobile fashion flower design social mobile app. As a fashionable flower art social app, Huaju provides you with international first-hand flower art design information and first-line flower art teacher resources, experiences different cultures and experiences, and shares a warm "pure" platform.

With Huaju, users can easily create their own fashion and high-end quality life.


It gathers everything about beauty in life, the first social platform for flower design in China; high-end flower design information, international artists and designers are all in the flower gathering app.


Vocational courses: we invite the world's most suitable industry experts to teach them the best professional skills according to the course settings of different majors. All the courses hold the first-hand information in the field of business and design, and will teach you the latest trends, technologies and concepts in the first time, so as to take you to the forefront of the industry.