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Union Wholesale

Yinglian wholesale is an independent mother infant B2B online wholesale mall operated by Henan Yinglian Zhenghe Industry Co., Ltd., which provides the stores with mother infant products including milk powder, auxiliary food, supplies, washing and care, toys, lathe seats, Mommy supplies, personal care, beauty make-up, etc., as well as goods purchasing services including direct mail and tax protection.

1. It starts at 10 o'clock every day and sells the world's best goods in limited time;

2. With all kinds of products purchased, you can choose from tens of thousands of selected good products, with large flow, high gross profit controlled goods, and good products promoted by stores;

3. We can buy a large number of products in the world, and you can choose direct mail and bonded products. We are flexible in batch, copy the base price, and have no worries about preparing good products in the world;

4. Fast warehousing and logistics services, the next morning, so that the store replenishment more efficient;

All product brands, a large number of good goods, and so on~