Let's Go - Travel Plan LY002

2019-06-10 10:52:43 558

Let's Go - Travel Plan

A super tour plan application, iOS version has been recommended by Apple AppStore home page, WeChat's largest and coolest application recommendation AppSolution recommended by official account, rescue travel party, one second change travel plan little expert.

[six highlights]

1. Pleasant mobile itinerary, with clear and orderly itinerary and adjustment at any time, it's time to discard paper itinerary

2. Senior travel editors carefully make recommended routes and theme travel places, inspire travel inspiration and get dry goods

3. Covering tens of thousands of popular scenic spots, food, entertainment and accommodation sites around the world, it can be easily added to the itinerary

4. Check the itinerary map at any time and easily navigate to the next destination

5. Hot spots are accompanied with the most practical information, which is simple and efficient

6. All data will be automatically synchronized, backed up to the cloud, and the data will not be lost when the mobile phone is changed or the system is swiped

Travel is often a beautiful thing to look at, but in fact, a lot of things to worry about. Let's go and try to provide a more real and pure travel experience. All the content is generated based on your organization, and strive to present only the most useful information to you, so that you can travel without the shackles of tools and more leisurely to experience the fun given by travel itself. This is what we are looking forward to Do idealism ".