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All The Way Tour

All the way Tour - improve your travel quality

[choice of 10 million users]

All the way tour is a kind of self-service travel artifact that integrates the functional requirements of intelligent tour guide, travel companion, local companion and special tourist commodities. At present, it has covered more than 2000 scenic spots and more than 400 cities at home and abroad, and has become a necessary application for 10 million users to travel.

[the best intelligent guide]

Intelligent guide is the intelligent explanation and navigation service of scenic spots, so that you don't rely on the guide or announcer, and an APP can store all the scenic spots in the country.

Scenic spot - covering more than 2000 4A level scenic spots at home and abroad, it can be used everywhere.Map - the more exquisite 3D hand drawn map covers scenic spots, natural scenery, parking lot, toilets, and scenic spots will never get lost.

Explanation - the explanation of the scenic spot is written by a master copywriter and recorded by a professional female anchor, so that you can understand and play through every scenic spot. The beautiful words and pleasant voice make every scenic spot your unique memory.

Game - combining the historical background of the scenic spot, design the exclusive game of the scenic spot, and visit the scenic spot in the process of the game. Bring a brand new experience and a deeper understanding of the scenic spot culture.