Video editor

2019-07-01 00:00:00 Guangzhou 3 6k-8k

1. Responsible for the shooting, post-production and editing of corporate publicity videos;

2. Cooperate with the market for online and offline brand publicity and promotion, and cooperate with various demand departments for video post-production;

3. Participated in promotional activities organized and planned by the company, and took photos and later edited the activities;

4. Collect the company's image data and organize them regularly;

5. Deal with all kinds of materials including text, pictures and video effectively according to editing regulations;

6. Responsible for all video cases of digital content of packaging and editing company, and assisted in promotion and publicity;

7. Coordinate and communicate with related links in the production process; Complete the whole production process to ensure the quality of the film.

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above in film, television, photography, fine arts or other related majors, with more than two years of working experience;

2. Love video editing, proficient in synthesis software and editing software, including: PHOTOSHOP, AE, Premiere, Vegas, audiovisual and other video editing software; If will be simple Flash animation foundation better;

3. Have a good grasp of video's theme creation, standard design, animation, texture, rhythm, color and other aspects, and can make a film independently;

4. Have strong artistic skills, aesthetic appreciation and color control ability.