Brand promotion specialist

2019-07-01 00:00:00 Guangzhou 6 6k-8k

Post responsibility

(1) planned the company's AI design, promoted and spread the company's brand

(2) supervise the effect of various market activities and behaviors, and make timely improvements and adjustments;

(3) update the company's official website and WeChat official account;

(4) managed the company's official website/WeChat, and timely introduced the market news and dynamic contents;

(5) planning the annual meeting of the company and other activities.

(6) temporary work assigned by the superior.


(1) college degree or above, major in art or design is preferred;

(2) proficient in OFFICE software, graphic editing software, OFFICE, CDR, PS, etc

(3) have strong writing ability and document organizing ability;

(4) familiar with copywriting/planning work, having similar work experience is preferred;