Advertising planning

2019-07-01 00:00:00 Guangzhou 6 5K-7K

1. Responsible for industry research, Internet trend research, consumer research and team knowledge management;

2. Responsible for brand digital marketing plans and strategies, as well as daily promotion, creativity and communication strategies of the project;

3. Be able to independently write plans, produce creative activities, combine highlights with creative content, propose communication plans in line with project progress and optimize and adjust at any time;

Job requirements:

Have done planning work, can understand the nature of the planning job and advertising industry

In addition, planning is a very challenging career, which needs to be treated with 100% enthusiasm, so as to resist the pressure and enjoy the fun of work, so this position also needs the following conditions:

1. Logical players: have industry and consumer insight, creative and coherent expression, strong copywriting skills

2, extremely smart: have the ability to learn, can quickly understand new things, and look for rules from complex information; Strong perception, strong learning ability

3. Pioneer of imagination: flexible thinking, fast brain, boundless imagination and quick response

4. Industry leaders: can have a wide range of interests and access to diverse information; But you can also have a special understanding of a certain field, such as catering circle, ACGN, digital technology, entertainment gossip, fashion beauty makeup and so on.

5. Great artists: can make beautiful PPT