Brand planning manager

2019-07-01 00:00:00 Guangzhou 1 8k-10K

1. Responsible for brand market research and analysis

2. Responsible for long-term close communication with various business channels of the group, understanding the market, demand and resource sharing;

3. Responsible for brand image establishment, improvement and upgrading

4. Make brand development plans according to the company's development direction;

5. Made annual brand promotion plan according to the company's sales target and plan

6. Responsible for completing media strategies and plans of brand advertising with the media department

7. Responsible for completing the annual brand promotion activity plan/program planning with the operation team

8. Responsible for team building and KPI assessment of the department, and improve the department's work process;

9. Coordinate internal and external communication and solve internal and cross-departmental cooperation problems;

10. Responsible for making plans for all kinds of publicity and promotion expenses, and monitoring the budget implementation of the department;

11. Responsible for planning, plane production and production output of the company's project activities;

12. Responsible for business guidance, training and assessment of subordinates.

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, major in marketing or journalism or advertising is preferred;

2. Practical experience in brand promotion, with more than 5 years' practical experience in brand construction and promotion of fast-moving consumer goods and cosmetics;

3. Good communication, coordination and organization skills; good at planning and copywriting are preferred.

4. Sunny, extroverted, independent, capable of leading teams and projects