Marketing Manager

2019-07-01 00:00:00 Guangzhou 1 8K-10K

Job description:

1. Responsible for the formulation of monthly, quarterly and annual activities of brand culture promotion

2. Responsible for organizing and designing company brochures, gifts and mascots according to the publicity plan

3. Responsible for effective management of the company's brand publicity channel resources, so as to maximize the service for the implementation of the company's brand strategy plan.

4. Responsible for online promotion, including but not limited to weibo, WeChat, we-media and other media, which are conducive to the formulation and implementation of publicity and fan attraction activities

5. Responsible for organizing and planning offline promotional activities such as product meetings and sharing meetings of the headquarters, and helping agents to carry out offline promotional activities, and conducting regular or irregular publicity and maintenance for the established business circle after the activity, so as to ensure the activity level of the business circle.

6. Responsible for the training and explanation of the promotion of the company's marketing plan and product promotion plan

7. Responsible for investigating and analyzing the market related to the company, such as peers and peers across the country, and providing necessary data support for product improvement

8. Responsible for providing reasonable Suggestions for the company's market promotion plan and strategic goal adjustment through market research and analysis.

9. Responsible for the construction and management of the marketing team

10. Complete and support other work arranged and assigned by the general manager

Job requirements:

1. Major in advertising planning and marketing, bachelor degree or above;

2. 3 years' experience in Internet industry brand planning, integrated marketing, comprehensive management and implementation;

3. Excellent brand planning and copywriting ability, integrated marketing management and execution ability, digital marketing and innovation ability