Online Sales Promoter

1970-01-01 08:00:00 Guangzhou 5 6K-8K

1. The main task is to sell and promote the company's website products of and, learn and understand the product requirements of these two websites, carry out online promotion and marketing, and be responsible for the product sales of the company's website and the promotion and promotion of new members.

2. Use the marketing and promotion software of and the marketing software of the company's website to promote the products of the company's website through search engine, QQ, WeChat, telephone, microblog, BBS, blog and other channels, invite customers to enter the company's website and carry out relevant product promotion and sales;

3, through WeChat, QQ, telephone and other tools to the member management in huishu network to send marketing information, link new members, develop and develop new member customers, use the company's sales management platform and other sales skills, develop new member customers, increase sales, get higher commission.

Job requirements:

1. Technical secondary school or above

2. Lively and cheerful personality, good at dealing with people, enthusiastic and positive in work;

3. Strong sense of responsibility, strong coordination and communication skills;

4. Sales experience is preferred;

5, actively use the website software to develop customer contact, invite customers to the company to discuss business.

Employee compensation and benefits:

- fixed double holidays, enjoy national statutory holidays, marriage leave and maternity leave;

- social security benefits, five insurances (pension, work-related injury, medical treatment, maternity, unemployment);

- attach importance to teamwork, regularly hold staff activities, annual meetings, holiday dinners, etc.;

- provide a good working environment, induction, on-job paid training and good opportunities for development and promotion