WeChat Marketer

1970-01-01 08:00:00 Guangzhou 5 3K-6K


1. Responsible for the operation, maintenance and creative promotion of the company's WeChat we-media platform, editing, publishing, maintaining and managing daily content, and improving brand attention;

2. Explore new mobile Internet marketing channels, study the promotion mode and methods of official accounts, establish effective operation means to enhance user activity and increase the number of fans;

3. Responsible for program writing, editing and publishing, promotion and implementation of activities and process control;

4. From program writing to project implementation, I arranged the work of each section, adjusted the promotion means and direction according to the effect estimation, connected and coordinated with all departments, constantly explored the promotion direction, and ensured the promotion effect.

5. Independently operate the we-media platform, plan and provide high-quality and highly communicative content;

Job requirements:

1. More than one year's experience in new media operation, familiar with WeChat official account, Internet marketing tools and promotion mode, experience in advertising company or portal website planning is preferred;

2. Strong planning ability, good writing ability and clear thinking;

3. Familiar with similar pan-media, understand the application and management of various marketing software of new media, and have certain ability to integrate resources;

4. Be familiar with the use of PS,CDR and other software to organize pictures and texts;

5. Master basic knowledge and skills of shooting and have certain aesthetic ability;

6. Interesting and interesting imagination, strong planning ability and text control ability, sensitive to hot spots and paying attention to urban hot spots, participated in topic brainstorming, and completed topic planning of the official account;


1. Salary of about 3,000-6,000 yuan;

2. Five social insurance and one housing fund shall be purchased by the company after working for more than one year (including);

3, single holiday + legal holidays normal holiday +7 hours of work system;

4. Festival gifts, weekly regular activities (rock climbing, swimming, outdoor activities, etc.), and an annual group tour