WeChat Mini program development engineer

2019-06-30 00:00:00 Guangzhou 2 6K-8K

Job information

1. Responsible for the development of WeChat applet;

2. Responsible for interface coordination with the server;

3. Be able to correctly understand requirements, and independently write code and self-test;

4. Timely feedback requirements and technical problems to superiors, and provide reasonable Suggestions, and actively promote problem solving.

Job requirements:

1. At least two years of working experience;

2. Experience in small program projects is preferred (provide small program case demonstration for development);

3. Proficient in the website development mode of PHP+MySQL, having independent front-end and back-end development experience is preferred;

4. Experienced in Web front-end development, proficient in HTML (DIV+CSS), Html5/CSS3, Ajax and other technologies.

Working hours:

Work 7.5 hours a day on weekends and weekends

9:00-12:30 PM lunch and rest time: 12:30-14:00 PM