PHP technical manager

2019-06-30 00:00:00 Guangzhou 3 10K+


1. Participated in the project architecture design, architecture prototype implementation and core module development;

2. Led the team to complete the analysis, design and code implementation of business products, detailed and wrote development specifications;

3. Responsible for the maintenance, upgrade and optimization of current business system, and actively solve technical problems in the development process;

4. Participated in the construction of the company's technical framework platform and system, and participated in the construction and selection of technical framework

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in computer science or related field;

2. Proficient in PHP language, familiar with OOP and common design patterns;

3. Proficient in LAMP development, high concurrency and distributed system processing experience, familiar with shell programming;

4. Familiar with MySQL, master relevant design schemes of MySQL partition, sub-table and cluster, and have experience in MySQL optimization;

5. At least proficient in the use and configuration of redis, memcache and mongodb.

6. Proficient in algorithms and data structures, understanding design patterns, experience in high-traffic website construction or database construction is preferred;

7. Proficient in Jquery, HTML, XML, Javascript, AJAX and other front-end technologies;

8. Familiar with HTTP principles, Socket programming, TCP and UDP protocols;

9. Have the interest and ability to solve problems and study technology; have clear logic, quick thinking and strong learning ability;

10. At least 4 years of PHP development experience, at least 2 years of team management experience, large and complex business system or business platform development experience is preferred;