Android mobile development engineer

1970-01-01 08:00:00 Guangzhou 1 6k-8k


1. Responsible for building the development framework of android mobile platform, participating in the scheme discussion and technical research, and taking charge of the scheme upgrading and updating;

2. Responsible for the design, improvement and performance optimization of the APP program;

3. Completed the design documents, architecture and module design, coding and testing according to product requirements, submitted high-quality codes on time, and completed the development tasks.

4. Proficient in Eclipse, Android Studio, git, gerrit and other development tools;

5. Have certain experience in optimizing performance, interface and memory management;

6. Understand Android and RS232 serial communication, and have some understanding of serial communication and application development experience

7. Familiar with current popular third-party open source libraries such as network operation, image loading and event processing;