Hippo Car Business Treasure SH007

2019-06-10 10:52:43 335

[quality service]

The business covers the third and fourth tier cities in China, with more than 100 landing personnel and more than 1000 cooperative car dealers. 100 stores are being opened in 32 provinces across the country to provide small and medium-sized car dealers with direct and high-quality offline service experience.

[necessary for car dealers]

Hippo car dealers provide many practical tools for the second-hand car dealers and brokers nationwide. Make car trading easier and more efficient.

[one click departure]

One click sharing makes business easier

[enrich car sources]

5000 certified car dealers, true information

[credit financing]

Pure online credit, convenient process

[4S query]

Maintenance query, master vehicle information

[appointment Agency]

Transfer agent, save time and cost

[Hippo vision]

HEMA is committed to building a platform for serving and connecting small and medium-sized car dealers, empowering small and medium-sized car dealers, so that small and medium-sized car dealers and brokers have no hard business.