Fun Tourism SH008

2019-06-10 10:52:43 217

Sitting on the ground, you can travel 80000 miles a day, and you can see a thousand rivers from the sky. Fun provides you with live broadcasting, travel strategies, interest communities and other intimate services, so that you can enjoy the beautiful sceneries in front of your travel, and enjoy the services along the way in peace during the travel. After the travel, you can share the fun with your friends, so that you can enjoy the good mood all the way.

"Official release of scenic spot": the scenic spot enters directly, the authoritative information is officially released, the latest and accurate information is available with one click.

"Rich live content": live broadcast of scenic spot + live broadcast of local reception agency + live broadcast of tour guide, immersive experience of different sceneries of three meals in four seasons in the scenic spot, select the scenery you prefer, and make the trip more enjoyable.

"Upgrade tourism concept": open a more efficient, intuitive and active intelligent tourism service platform for all-around tourism, holiday, culture, entertainment, performance, leisure, sports, health and other tourism purposes.

"Precise interest community": to find people who have the same aspiration to travel, to open different wonderful travel experiences, to share with people who understand you.

"Massive wonderful content": a large number of wonderful videos + pictures and texts are shared, with complete strategies, clear service areas for surrounding scenic spots, and no worries about the journey.