Tutu English AL001

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Tutu English

Figure English - a brand of ishow International English group.

The original version of picture English introduces the advanced picture teaching method of the United States to build an interest English teaching system for 5-10-year-old children. Learn English in 3 minutes and speak sentences! Learning English with pictures is easy, interesting and efficient!

Tutu advantage

The original version of picture English introduces the most advanced picture teaching method in the United States and provides the internationally popular English teaching method, so that Chinese children can keep up with the pace of the world.

The picture learning method advocated by picture English is to show more than 200 high-frequency words in the form of pictures. Each word has an intuitive picture corresponding to its meaning, which can easily remember words, and strive to arrange these pictures and conjunctions into sentences according to word order. When children really master this set of learning methods, they can easily read pictures and say words, group sentences, and tell stories, so as to build an English Language thinking.

The most effective way of language learning is image memory method, because this method can transform text into image, which can help language beginners to better "understand quickly, remember for a long time, and use flexibly" through pictures