Milo English AL002

2019-06-10 10:52:43 507

Milo English Pad

Milo English has high-quality foreign teacher resources in North America. Through 1-to-1 online video interactive platform, children can connect North American teachers anytime and anywhere, easily enter the North American school classroom, and learn the most pure American English and American primary school standard courses.

·Support direct class on the pad end, enter the corresponding class with one key, and improve the course experience;

·Free open class, free experience of various theme courses;

·Through pre class preview, review after class, stage evaluation and other methods, to understand the learning level of students, take targeted differentiated teaching methods, to bring the ultimate efficient learning experience for children;

·After the children finish class, the parents can receive the class report sent by the foreign teachers as soon as possible, and can also watch the children's class through the course playback;

·Mile home is newly launched, and the cute pet can be exchanged for gifts, and luxury gifts can be selected to your heart's content.