Sky Turtle Classroom AL004

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Sky turtle classroom

Tiangui classroom - the best choice for white-collar workers in the workplace, graduates to improve their study, and advanced examination! Tens of millions of users conscience recommendation, engineering, medicine, postgraduate entrance examination and many other learning into one, an app all done!

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Tiangui classroom is an intelligent online learning app platform produced by Tiangui education. It has powerful front-line teachers and professional customized curriculum services, providing all-round, efficient, convenient and professional learning services for everyone.

The subjects covered include engineering (constructor, safety engineer, fire Engineer), medicine (licensed pharmacist, licensed doctor, nurse qualification), postgraduate entrance examination (online graduate student, MBA, EMBA) and other directions to meet different learning and upgrading needs; multiple teaching and educational services such as system class, free class, exercise, question bank, policy interpretation, application guidance are provided. Zero foundation can consolidate the foundation of special promotion, and experience can be aimed at breakthrough and rapid advancement. Tiangui classroom is an intelligent learning platform app suitable for you to improve yourself in all aspects and improve your research.