Study Hard AL005

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Study hard

Study hard, covering the knowledge of EQ, eloquence, efficiency, workplace, contacts, culture, emotion, childcare and other fields; 500 excellent courses, 1500 listening books, audio books and e-books; here, you can get new knowledge every day.

High cost performance ratio

[good book interpretation]: professional reviewers interpret more than 1000 books for you, and understand all the dry goods of a good book in 20 minutes;

[big guy in town]: Chen Weihong, Liang Hongda, Liu Yong, Guo Degang, Zhang Zhaozhong, Lei Jun, ye Tan, Zhang defen, hesenburg, Wei Kunlin and many other industry big guys carefully create column courses for you;

[free listening by members]: for only 1 yuan in the first month, you can listen to all excellent courses and reconcile reading, so that you can get new knowledge anytime and anywhere;

[36 krypton information]: Internet technology information, free to share news hot spots and entrepreneurship information of business circles at home and abroad;

Self enhancement

[personal growth]: Liu Yong, a well-known writer, explains life EQ for you. Ye Tan, the founder of Yetan finance and economics, shares 20 years of investment philosophy;

[career promotion]: host Li Xiang helps you become the number one player in the workplace, and best-selling writer Yang Cui takes you to realize career leap first;

[speech eloquence]: CCTV host Chen Weihong takes you to talk with the big guy, and speech coach Zhang Jiarui teaches you speech routines;

[traditional culture]: here Lao Liang talks about folk customs for you, Guo Degang shows you opera, hesenburg tells you the origin of human beings;

[parenting]: Wei Kunlin teaches you scientific parenting, and Yuan Jian, a child reading expert, teaches you to cultivate children's multiple thinking;