Learning Online School Together AL006

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Learning online school together

Learning together online school is an online subject guidance platform for primary and secondary schools under the banner of education technology. With the live online interactive teaching mode, primary and secondary school students in any region of the country can enjoy the live tutoring service of top teachers at home. Learning online school together, based on the massive learning data of 60 million primary and secondary school students accumulated in education and technology for many years, is based on "personalized learning", synchronizes basic knowledge in class, extends core literacy, helps children acquire subject knowledge more scientifically, improves learning interest, and develops self-learning ability.

==Learning online school together - double teacher mode==

[strictly select the most suitable lecturer for live teaching]

Children's enthusiasm for extra-curricular counseling is not high? Teacher, interactive teaching, let children love learning!

[select the most responsible tutors in famous schools]

Can't the children keep up with the teacher's teaching schedule? Tutor, answer questions all the way, don't let the child drop a knowledge point!

==Learning online school together - teaching concept==

[learning knowledge and ability together] not only use interesting teaching methods to transfer knowledge, but also pay more attention to the cultivation of children's learning habits, so that parents are less worried, and children learn more and more effortlessly;

[Arts and science learning together] in the face of the global competitive environment in the future, we will comprehensively cover literature literacy, foreign language acquisition and science thinking, and provide one-stop learning solutions for parents and children;

[children's parents learn together] when children attend classes, parents can learn from their partners, so that parents can more scientifically accompany their children's every step of growth.

==Learn online school together - multiple functions==

[listening at home] study at home

[class conclusion report] learning feedback and timely learning

[answer questions at any time] after class counseling is for learning

[infinite review] learn from the past and learn from the past