Wing Class Students HD AL008

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Wing Course Students HD

Wing course students, fully meet the needs of English interesting self-study and simultaneous training & assessment of English subjects. Download it now and start your amazing growth journey~

*Word training*

Strengthen the training of words and experience a very interesting way of learning. Learning English can be so interesting!

*PK Arena*

Who is better at spoken English? Why do you need to see me in the examination room? Great Xia or shrimp, let's compete in the arena!

*Funny dubbing*

You are the leading actor of the most popular blockbuster. You can share the score as soon as you shake your hands. Here, you are the movie dubber!

*Synchronous training*

Synchronous wing class teacher training, testing system, complete the answer without paper and pen, mobile phone can be easily done!

*Intelligent test preparation*

According to the mastery of personal knowledge points, the system is intelligent and personalized recommendation, which belongs to your distractor for preparing for college entrance examination