Small Classroom AL010

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Small classroom

Jialemei primary classroom is the king of general practice counseling, which includes exam oriented education and quality education.

The exam oriented education part covers Chinese, mathematics, English, Olympiad, physics, chemistry, biology, history, geography, composition, right brain and other subjects such as early education, primary school, junior high school and senior high school. It focuses on helping children preview in advance, review after class and exam guidance. It focuses on cultivating children's sense of learning achievement and improving their self-learning ability, mining children's interest in learning, and serving children The son studies the examination to escort.

The part of quality education covers national studies, children's safety knowledge, potential development, right brain, Qin, chess, calligraphy and painting, singing, dancing, hundreds of schools, classics, square dancing, etc., comprehensively improving the art ability, not only transmitting knowledge, but also paying more attention to the training of wisdom, making learning easier and more enjoyable, creating a comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physical education and art, leading peers.