Drops: Learning Korean and Korean Vocabulary AL018

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Drops: Learning Korean and Korean Vocabulary

Use the fastest language learning application and immerse yourself in learning English, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, French or German! 100% visual learning, only 5 minutes per day.

● only five minutes a day

Limit your study time to five minutes a day. It may sound crazy, but it's very magical. There is no threshold, but there is no excuse: you only have 5 minutes!

● pure visual learning

Faster, better, more fun! Every word has been structured into a beautiful picture. With the enjoyment your eyes get from beautiful pictures, your brain will remember new words more effectively: you will no longer remember "foreign language native language" type, but will directly print "foreign language" in your mind.

● effortless learning

We carefully studied why the game is so interesting and addictive, and integrated the essence into drops. So we not only create a game based learning application, but also create a correct game experience. The way it impresses you may be a little odd, but because of this, you are no longer wasting your learning on fun, but using this time to accumulate a considerable wealth of knowledge for the new language.

● slide based learning

We are not optimistic about the efficiency of using the keyboard. Slide and touch the say hello really fast! You will be able to squeeze more water out of your "five minute sponge":

● key vocabulary screening mechanism

What may be more important than how. We have manually selected over 1000 useful words, which will be used by you when you use this new language in a foreign country.

● refine learning habits

Drops wants to turn you into a learning addict. No matter how effective your learning tools are, if you can't use them every day, everything is in vain. Through drops, words will seep into your mind like water drops, which will be more suitable for you!

● full service