Synchronous Learning AL019

2019-06-10 10:52:43 343

Synchronous Learning

A matching app with textbooks, suitable for primary school students all over the country!

[product features]

1. Listening and reading of textbooks

Where can't listen to where, cell phone is repeater!

The whole input of digital and three-dimensional words and paragraphs in paper teaching materials.

2. Walkman

Keep your eyes closed and listen to study. Your eyesight is healthy and your hearing is excellent!

The teaching material tape sound fragmentation time listens, the lock screen listens to the intensive listens the extensive listens sharpens the ear.

3. fun dubbing

Ballad, story telling, learning and singing, excellent voice synthesis!

In class situation play (dialogue, story, ballad) audio-visual appreciation, practice imitation.

4. exercise book

Synchronous practice fast and accurate, fun and interesting results stable!

The listening audio of the supporting exercise book of the textbook is accurately positioned to the topic, and is used in streaming and fragment playing multiple scenes.

5.53 practice every day

Practice every day, test paper, oral class practice, learn app at the same time.