Social Work Assistant AL021

2020-02-25 01:33:07 487

Social worker exam assistant

This application covers question bank, video course, live broadcast course, self-study learning package and many other exam aid functions. To meet the social workers examinee self-study, brush questions, listen to classes and other preparatory needs. Help you save time and effort on the way to the exam, and pass the social work teacher exam smoothly!

[social work teacher examination assistant question bank]

It has real questions, daily exercises, chapter exercises, simulated question banks and other test questions over the years, equipped with answers and analysis, as well as high-frequency test points, wrong question sets, knowledge point exercises, paper models, video solutions, etc., with rich problem-solving functions, which can be improved anytime and anywhere.

[video course for examination assistant of social work teacher]

Provide excellent video courses of various subjects, support free audition, speed adjustment, offline download and other rich self-help learning functions.

[live broadcast course of social work teacher examination assistant]

Sisai live class, real-time class, real-time communication, real-time answer and real-time free open class. Evening and weekend classes, no need to ask for leave, study and work two not wrong. Live broadcast missed or did not understand, recording and broadcasting repeated learning and understanding. The live classroom disperses the knowledge system, grasps and digests the knowledge points in stages.

[self study package for social work teacher examination assistant]

The exam site will elaborate the video full set of preparation materials self-study review plan, so as to easily prepare for the exam and effectively save 30% of the preparation time.