Nanhai Talent Card Software Application

2019-06-10 10:52:43 617

Introduction to Nanhai talent card

Talent card service platform is a talent service platform jointly planned and built under the guidance of Nanhai District government, Guangdong financial high tech service zone, talent office and other government departments. The platform takes joint credit card as the financial carrier, and carries out government resources such as e-government, elegant art, non tax payment, convenience business and other government resources. It integrates resources from all sectors of the industry, and takes APP, WeChat Mini program and WeChat official account as the entrance. Combined with offline merchants, experiential shops and self-service vending machines, it provides comprehensive services such as clothing, food, housing, banking and financial services for talents. South China Sea area is set up to introduce talents to retain talents and provide supporting services, so as to inject a strong force into the construction of smart city.