Cloud Zhonglian Software Application

2020-02-25 01:18:12 868

Introduction to cloud Zhonglian

Through the combination of online app and offline club, cloud zhongunicom helps financing enterprises to display financing targets more comprehensively and build a bridge between high net worth investors and high-quality investment target enterprises by using such financial high-tech elements as intelligent accurate recommendation based on big data and intelligent investment consultant.

Through the cloud Federation Club:

Members can customize the high-end salon, visit high-quality enterprises, resource docking cocktail party, financial summit forum and domestic and foreign business study tours. Members can get to know the situation of the enterprise on the spot, and reduce the information asymmetry to make more rational investment decisions in the face of global authoritative economists, top international investment banks, private equity managers and unicorn hunters;

Enterprises can also answer questions and solve doubts for members in a short distance and lay a solid foundation of trust for possible cooperation between the two sides.