Global Good WG014

2019-06-10 10:52:43 462

Global Good

Product introduction:

Authoritative media "Chinanet" strives to build an honest e-commerce platform to provide consumers with a large number of global commodities, 100% genuine product guarantee and preferential benefits. "Only need to select products, don't worry about the truth and falseness", to build the honest shopping experience under the new e-commerce law environment. Help save time and improve life efficiency. One belt, one road with China's characteristics, is the best seller in the world. Sales categories include mother and baby, beauty and make-up, home life, nutrition and health care, global food, clothing bags, digital appliances, etc.

Project Description:

Based on the core concept of "integrity", build an e-commerce service platform for honest trade between the buyer and the seller of WYSIWYG s2b2b and s2b2c. That is, a powerful supply chain platform (s), with tens of millions of direct service customers (b), combined with human creativity and the creativity of the system network to cultivate a new enabling platform. One belt, one road, one product and one superior product is provided by the 5G, AI, video, live broadcast, graphics and text, and so on. The platform provides a supply chain platform for B terminal channels, provides genuine protection for B terminals and C users, builds a better quality life in the new e-commerce law environment, and improves the shopping efficiency with "honesty".