Whale WG015

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[whale products - one stop catering business service platform]

Whale products provides catering people with a full range of digital goods and services supply chain related to the whole life cycle of catering business: store location, brand planning, decoration design, marketing promotion, food and beverage, equipment and facilities, business consumables, recruitment and training, dish research and development, insurance loan, investment promotion, qualification agency, warehousing logistics, asset transfer, software and hardware system, etc Through the Internet, catering people can experience more efficient information interaction, enjoy one-stop business services, and make business better.

Product features:

1. Search and browse:

Tens of thousands of suppliers and service providers, million level products and all kinds of services specially provided for catering business, find what you need anytime, anywhere.

2. Direct communication with merchants:

Send message, send picture, send voice, make phone call, directly communicate with interested merchants online.

3. Enterprise homepage:

The introduction, qualification, goods, service and dynamic of the enterprise are all clear at a glance. Pay attention to the enterprises you like and grasp the latest trends of the enterprise in real time.

4. Collection and attention:

Collect favorite enterprises, goods, services and contents, which can be read at any time;

5. share:

Products, services, content and enterprises can be shared to wechat friends, wechat circle of friends, QQ, Weibo and pin. Good things need to be shared together.

6. Whale color content community:

A digital interactive community of encyclopedia, Q & A, information, recipes and business skills, which integrates professional knowledge, is built for catering people to make catering people more efficient in obtaining professional content that is helpful for business operation, deepen industry awareness, raise questions at any time and get help quickly, make more business contacts, and make business better.

7. Enterprise Center:

Provide convenient and efficient enterprise management, team management, release of goods, release services, goods and service management for enterprises settled in whale products platform, so as to make the operation more efficient, convenient and professional.